Caring for students

Our school environment welcomes and respects people from all backgrounds.

Browse this section to find out how we work with you to provide a safe and caring learning environment for your child and also keep informed about support for school families.

Student welfare

Student welfare encompasses everything that the school community does to meet the personal and social needs of students. It involves recognising, valuing, developing and supporting each student to maximise their potential.

The school provides a strong welfare network based upon caring and guidance through our experienced Year Advisers, counselling services, mentor support, the Learning and Support Teacher, School Learning Support Officers and the school chaplain, Nic McInerney.

Programs are provided based on the needs of boys at the various stages of their development.

These include:

  • Positive Behaviour for Learning values: Respect, Responsible and Engaged;
  • Student leadership through the Students' Representative Council and Prefects;
  • Fortnightly Boys to Men Program period;
  • Year 10 to 12 Boys to Men events;
  • Mentoring Program;
  • Resilience Doughnut;
  • Year 12 mentoring;
  • Network Cafe;
  • Year 7 transition program and camp;
  • Year 10 Crossroads Program
  • Study Skills Program; and
  • Merit System.

Epping Boys High School views itself as a centre for boys' education focusing upon the latest research in the development of adolescent males. We emphasise the maintenance of a caring, safe and nurturing learning environment.

 Key Pastoral Personnel 2017:

Ms Narelle Kathryn

Ms Alison Howard

Ms Alison Howard

Mr Simon Percy

Mr Iain Sills

Mr Nic McInerney

Mr Cameron Gordon

Mr Jarryd Archer

Ms Sarah Laman

Miss Rachel Coleman

Ms Esther Chang

Mr Michael de la Pena


Deputy Principal Senior School-Years 10, 11, 12

Deputy Principal Middle School - Years 7, 8, 9

Head Teacher Student Welfare Senior School

School Counsellor

Head Teacher Inclusive Education

School Chaplain
Year 7 Adviser

Year 8 Adviser

Year 9 Adviser

Year 10 Adviser

Year 11 Adviser

Year 12 Adviser



One of Epping Boys High School's fundamental aims is to assist each boy to reach his full potential: personally, socially, intellectually and physically. The school works from the premise that, although parents and families have the prime responsibility for the welfare of their children, an important partnership exists with the school and its staff, in order to provide a happy and safe learning environment.

Student Welfare encompasses everything that the school community does to meet the personal and social needs of students and enhances their well-being. It involves recognising, valuing and developing each student as a total and unique person in the context of society. The community developed PBL values: Respect, Responsible and Engaged, reflects our focus as a school community, values that are reinforced through clearly articulated incident management and positive recognition processes.

The Student Welfare Program consists of policies, structures and activities within the school which are planned and implemented to promote student welfare. It is a whole school responsibility to ensure that the school develops, implements and regularly evaluates its welfare policy and procedures.

Our Welfare Policy

The Student Welfare Policy at Epping Boys High School involves:

  • Community developed Positive Behaviour for Learning values;
  • The formal curriculum including support for students with special needs;
  • Quality teaching practices displaying support and respect towards individuals;
  • Quality relationships with parents and community;
  • A merit system whereby boys are formally acknowledged for consistent and outstanding achievement;
  • An effective Discipline Policy;
  • A supportive Welfare Team delivering support services;
  • An active SRC;
  • A clear Drug Education Policy.
  • A well published Anti-Discrimination Policy.

Specialist staff

A number of specialist staff cater for the welfare needs of students. These include:

  • Deputy Principals - Middle School and Senior School
  • Head Teacher Student Welfare;
  • Year Advisers;
  • School Counsellors;
  • Head Teacher Inclusive Education;
  • Careers Advisers;
  • Learning and Support Teacher;
  • English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EALD) teachers;
  • Home School Liaison Officer;
  • Anti-Racism Officer;
  • School Chaplain;
  • School Learning Support Officers.